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class GeometricShape ;

static const int CIRCLE_SHAPE ;

static const int SEGMENT_SHAPE ;

static const int POLYGON_SHAPE ;

int shapeType ;
Used for ordering and fast type checking (can be CIRCLE_SHAPE,SEGMENT_SHAPE or POLYGON_SHAPE )

RigidBody rBody ;
The body this shape is part of

AABB aabb ;
The AABB of the shape

uint shapeID ;
Unique shape ID assigned at creation

long collisionType ;
User defined collision type for the shape.

long group ;
User defined collision group for the shape.

long layers ;
User defined layer bitmask for the shape.

Object userData ;

Number e ;
Coefficient of restitution. (elasticity)

Number maxRadius ;
Maximum Radius

Number u ;
Coefficient of friction.

Vector2D surface_v ;

GeometricShape next ;
Linked list pointer

bool fixed ;

static uint nextShapeID ;
Next shapeID static counter

this(int shapeType, Number e, Number u);

void Update ();
Update shape bounding box and world coordinates

void registerBody (RigidBody rBody);
Register body

double sortOnAABBDecending (GeometricShape a, GeometricShape b);

bool opEquals (GeometricShape a);

int opCmp (GeometricShape a);

abstract void UpdateShape (Vector2D p, Vector2D rot);

abstract bool containsPoint (Vector2D v);

abstract double CalculateInertia (double m, Vector2D offset, Object userData);

Vector2D [] getVerts ();

double getCircleRadius ();

Vector2D getCirclePosition ();

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