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Bud is a tool to assist building applications and libraries written using the D programming language.


It is an effective replacement for the general 'make' tools. The primary difference between Bud and other tools is that Bud does not need you to create and maintain 'makefiles'. Instead, it analyses the source code files to determine all dependancies and constructs the appropriate calls to the compiler, linker and librarian.
The aim of Bud is to create a target file from the source file(s) supplied to it. This is usually an executable file but could also be a library. In both cases, source files are converted to object files, and then either linked to form an executable or packaged into a library file.
If, when creating a library, there are no object files to be packaged then the library is not created. This might occur if all the source files contain either 'pragma(nolink)' or are DDoc files.

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Copyright:© 2005 Derek Parnell

Authors:Derek Parnell - Melbourne

Initial Creation:January 2005


Date:16 October 2006


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References:This is based on the work called 'dmake v0.21' by Helmut Leitner

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